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Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are injectables backed by the latest research and innovation. They are delivered to you by Dr Rohde, who is dedicated to meeting your needs effectively and safely. Your facial movements are part of your beauty as they reflect your emotions and character. When injected, the filler smooths the wrinkles, supporting the skin's expression while restoring your face's vitality, volume and softness.

Dermal fillers are wrinkle fillers containing hyaluronic acid gels. They are formulated as a natural component of the skin. The filler will restore your volume as it rehydrates your skin. This promotes new collagen and elastin to regain skin tone, lost elasticity and youthfulness.


When injected, the filler smooths the wrinkles and supports the skin in every expression. It restores the vitality, volume and softness of your face. Your facial movements are a part of your beauty, which reflects your emotions and character. Dr Rohde will carefully assess your unique expressions and needs to choose the suitable filler for you.

Lip Augmentation 

A natural filler stretches your lips and gives you a natural and firm lip while preserving your unique facial expressions. Dr Rohde can restore your natural lip contour and surrounding volume loss of marionettes or augment your lips for fuller, pouty lips.

Facial Volume Loss


This can occur due to aging, weight loss, loss of teeth, scarring or illness and often produces asymmetry of your facial appearance and expressions. Dr Rohde can restore the volume loss by using a filler suitable for each facial area so that your facial features regain their liveliness and symmetry.

Skin Hyaluronic Acid Booster 

Every woman's all-over skin elixir provides an instant glow and smooth, hydrated skin just when you need it. It is suitable for the face, chest, and hands and requires little pain and downtime.

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