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Total Body Mapping (TBM)

Areas of Expertise

Bowral Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Clinic is introducing Total Body Mapping (TBM), also known as photographic skin surveillance, using the latest skin mapping by IntelliStudio®.

We are proud of our historical excellence in early melanoma detection using a MicroDerm digital dermatoscope at Bowral Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Clinic. We strive to deliver the latest skills and technology to improve clinical skin examination and skin cancer screening.

Total Body Mapping by IntelliStudio® maps most of the skin surface, including most skin lesions. Total Body Mapping is most useful for pigmented moles and freckles that are light to dark brown rather than pink. Accurate diagnosis depends on evaluating the pigment's structure.


Total Body Mapping by IntelliStudio® monitors most of the skin surface, including most skin lesions, and is a simple, noninvasive, guided process. For a thorough skin check, Total Body Mapping is best done with a skin check of 'hidden' and non-pigmented spots by Dr Rohde. Your initial TBM is, therefore, a screen used by IntelliStudio® as a baseline reference for subsequent Total Body Mapping in 6-12 months at Bowral Skin Cancer & Cosmetic Clinic.

IntelliStudio® is the only full-body, fully automated photography enabling total body mapping and imaging for early melanoma detection. Total Body Mapping is indicated for high-risk individuals. Canfield IntelliStudio®, equipped with a fully automated 50MP camera and Xenon smart dual capturing (white and cross-polarised light), provides consistent, studio-quality images.

At Bowral Skin Cancer Clinic, we provide an affordable, dedicated, and secure skin cancer mapping service in a private setting, performed by and supervised by Dr Rohde.


Who should have Total Body Mapping?

If you have:


  • More than 50–100 moles

  • Dysplastic or atypical naevi — moles that are large, unusual colour(s) or shapes

  • Moles on the back, which may be challenging to keep an eye on

  • Previous history of melanoma

  • Strong family history of melanoma

  • Fair skin that has been/is severely or repeatedly sunburned

  • Concerns about individual moles or freckles because of their appearance, recent change and symptoms.

  • If you are at high risk of skin cancer and melanoma or have a mole or spot of concern, please call the Bowral Skin Cancer Clinic to have a complete skin examination by a health professional and your first baseline TBM.

Advantages of Total Body Mapping

Advanced examination and peace of mind - TBM is intended to diagnose melanoma at the earliest possible stage by identifying new lesions or changes in pre-existing lesions that may be suspicious of melanoma and have a disordered structure. Compared to a self-skin examination or an examination by a non-specialist doctor, TBM has several advantages.

Early Diagnosis The baseline TBM report determines whether a lesion of concern is new or has changed.

Minimise Surgery - If the doctor confirms dermoscopically non-malignant skin cancer or melanoma, the lesion can be biopsied at the earliest possible stage, reducing the risk of invasion and melanoma and minimising surgery.

Close Monitoring - If a lesion is new or deemed changed and does not reach the clinical criteria for removal, it can be serially dermoscopically imaged.

Cost-effective - Lesions that show benign dermoscopic patterns and have not changed are unlikely to be melanoma, so they may not need to be removed, reducing the potential cost, risks and complications of surgery.

Local access - TBM at the Bowral Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Clinic provides an advanced service to the local rural community and reduces the need to travel outside the area. In many places, getting an appointment with a dermatologist may be a long process, and a local service can reassure the patient and their health practitioner.

What are the risks of total body mapping?

  • Patients should be aware that any screening system has risks.

  • A melanoma may be in a hidden site that has not been imaged, such as the scalp or genitals.

  • Early melanoma and other forms of skin cancer may look like benign skin lesions and might be missed (false negative).

  • A harmless lesion may be misdiagnosed as melanoma, resulting in unnecessary surgery and alarm (false positive).

  • Melanoma, particularly nodular melanoma, may proliferate and reach a dangerous size before the next planned visit.

What can be done to reduce risk?

It is advised that patients prepare for TBM, for example:

  • Avoid wearing makeup and remove nail polish.

  • Remove any heavy skin dirt (tradespeople)

  • Examine your scalp and private areas and tell the doctor about any lesions or symptoms.

  • Seek urgent medical advice if you notice any symptoms, bleeding, pain, tenderness, inflammation, or changes such as growth or change of colour and size.

  • Practice self-examination of skin at home at least six weekly.

  • Seek medical advice promptly.

Types of Total Body Mapping:


1. Baseline TBM

Completed in conjunction with a surveillance skin check and is used as a comparison for future scans.


* Cost $160.00 (no Medicare rebate)


2. Follow-up TBM

Dr Rohde will discuss report and complete skin check on hidden and non-pigmented melanoma and skin cancer. The TBM is non-invasive and takes about 10 minutes. Dr Rohde will produce a report and explain findings and recommendations for follow-up or treatment of lesions of concern. A treatment plan is discussed, consent is obtained, and procedure time or follow-up is scheduled.


Cost $340 (Medicare rebate $80.10)

Total Body Scanner by IntelliStudio® -

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