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BBL - a natural, affordable and non-invasive anti-aging skin treatment.

Are you noticing that sun damaged skin causes you to look 10 years older than you really are?

Are those fine lines more prominent, giving you a tired look?

You may have accepted the fact that aging is inevitable, however you may be reluctant to try expensive surgery and invasive laser treatments.

Doctor performing BBL procedure for patient with sun damaged skin

We all know that light has a natural healing power. Did you also know that Broad Band Light (BBL) is a natural antiaging treatment for sun damaged, thin and wrinkled skin? It gives you a rejuvenated and smooth blemish-less skin. It gives you that refreshed glow and confidence, safely, with no down time and at fraction of the cost of invasive peels, laser treatments and injections.

Tesla had no idea of the far-reaching impact light would have when he had the lightbulb moment. The innovation of light has taken huge leaps in the cosmetic and healing industry since then. The Broad Band Light (BBL) has proven studies to show that BBL not only peels off those years of damaged skin but also rejuvenates your DNA so that you can regenerate your skin and protect it against disease from the inside out.

The exciting thing is that BBL is a natural and affordable treatment you can trust. It is as much about improving the health and rejuvenation of your skin as it is about improving your appearance and making you look refreshed and confident. BBL is a medical kind of IPL used by doctors and dermatologist only. You can trust not just the treatment but also guaranteed satisfaction.

So whatever your concerns are - pigmentation, redness or thin and tired looking skin, look to BBL as a treatment performed by a qualified and experienced Doctor. Dr Rohde is an experienced Cosmetic Doctor practicing at the Bowral Skin Cancer & Cosmetic Clinic. Dr Rohde will assess your skin using the latest digital skin scanner and find a safe solution to meet your expectations and satisfaction. Call the team at The Bowral Skin Cancer & Cosmetic Clinic on (02) 4861 6611 to book your BBL appointment.


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