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Can BBL treat Rosacea?

Woman receiving BBL at the Bowral Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Clinic

What is Rosacea?

It is a very common inflammatory dermatitis of the face with various symptoms such as flushing, intense redness, pimple-like rash, burning, stinging skin sensation, dry scaly skin appearance, obvious facial blood vessels ( telangiectasia), skin thickening especially on the nose (phyma) and itchy, dry, red skin. It occurs in all skin types, more commonly in men than in women. It is more likely to affect fair skin people of Celtic origin. Commonly it occurs in 30-50 year olds. Often there are two or more features and few Rosacea subtypes.

What causes rosacea?

There is no clear cause however it is known that a combination of genetic, abnormal immune response and inflammatory factors are at play. Some of the triggers of these factors are stress, heat, UV exposure, extreme cold, spicy food, alcohol and menopausal flushing. Some people have reported various dietary factors triggering rosacea as well as chemicals.

Why is rosacea early detection important?

Accurate diagnosis is important in order to target effective prompt treatment specific to your rosacea type. There are many treatment options and after a thorough skin assessment, your treatment should be individualised. Rosacea may cause social embarrassment and anxiety, social avoidance, depression and serious impairment of quality of life. Symptoms can be distressing and may negatively impact on mental health, wellbeing and social interactions so early detection, cost effective treatment experience is paramount.

What is the treatment for rosacea?

Rosacea is treatable and not curable and it is important to learn to avoid triggers and maintain a hopeful positive frame of mind and a healthy lifestyle. Switching to skin care cleansers and moisturisers which preserve a healthy skin barrier is important such as those containing proceremide and ceramides. Avoid soaps and skin care products with fragrance, alpha and beta hydroxy acids (glycolic and salicylic) and preservatives, sodium laureth sulfate and essential oils,

Don't despair! There are several very effective medical treatments which are prescribed to target specific subtypes of rosacea. These preparations are gels and creams which are used daily and are relatively effective and affordable.

What about lasers and light devices?

Light devices are particularly effective treatments for rosacea, freckles and age spots, acne, aging-skin and loss of firmness. Dr Rohde uses an Intense Pulsed Light ( IPL ) called Broad Band Light (BBL) which is the world's most powerful IPL. It is very effective and sets a new standard for treatment of rosacea redness and telangiectasia.

The BBL is a natural light and is not ablative, which means it does not destroy skin so it is well tolerated with minimal side effects and down time. The BBL light energy gently heats the upper layer of your skin and the heat absorbed by targeted cells reducing redness and vessels and will stimulate skin cells to regenerate. Your skin will become clearer, smoother and younger.

To book your consultation for Rosacea BBL treatment with Dr Rohde call the Bowral Skin Cancer & Cosmetic Clinic on (02) 4861 6611, or alternatively come in and visit us today.

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