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A simple skin-care routine

There are hundreds of anti-acne creams claiming they are cures. It is important to follow a simple skin care routine.

Woman applying skin creams from the Bowral Skin Cancer & Cosmetic Clinic


Clean your face and other acne affected skin like chest and back twice daily using a cleanser and water to remove skin oils and dirt. Avoid makeup wipes and alcohol wipes.


Exfoliate to remove dead skin and unblock pores. Common exfoliating agents are Lactic, Malic, Mandelic and Glycolic acids. If you have severe skin congestion, you will need to use exfoliating serums as well. Try three times a week or even daily if congestion is very severe.


Vitamin A and B are very important in controlling acne. Vitamin A serums will regulate oil and skin clogging and Vitamin B will reduce inflammation. Pore refining serums and astringents can also be helpful to reduce oil.


Spot-treating acne serums without benzoyl peroxide; it kills the bacteria and can strip down the protective acid mantle of the skin and disturb skin immunity and healing. Alternative gentle effective spot treatment lotions are available.


Moisturisers can give your skin an oil free hydration. Gel moisturisers with no or low oil content such as glycerin, sodium lactate, sodium PCA and sodium hyaluronate are great at drawing water to the skin without adding to oiliness.


Avoid pore blocking makeup and choose zinc oxide mineral makeup which will protect you from UV damage and calm the inflammation. The mineral makeup will not block pores and you can layer it to areas of your face needing more coverage. Preferably use a brush and wash it weekly with gentle soap or shampoo.


Use a mask once week such as detoxifying mask with zeolite, bentonite, clays or charcoal.


Don't pick. Picking spreads bacteria deeper into skin and causes scarring.


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