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Your Skin Protection & The Sun

Woman with skin protection in Bowral

We are all naturally focus at present on Covid vaccination and abiding by lockdown rules. This is essential although we should not neglect the rest of our health including our skin.

The sudden intense weekend sunshine has no doubt enticed many to enjoy themselves in their gardens and countryside walks. It is very easy to get caught out with that "short walk'' or picking a few weeds in the garden, especially if you have fair skin. It all adds up and over the years can lead to overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This causes skin damage and pigmentation leading to skin cancer and thin aged wrinkled skin.

You can safeguard UV protection of yourself and your family with the SunSmart app for Iphone and Androids. The Sun Smart app will inform you of sun protection times and alert you when the UV levels are high so you can keep covered or stay out of the sun. It is a smart app and will provide you with a personalised sunscreen calculator.

This tells you how much of your skin is unprotected and what amount of sunscreen is needed for optimal protection. This brings peace of mind for parents with teenagers. What's more, it will give you a 7 day weather forecast so you can be well prepared for the week ahead of outdoor fun and activities.

The SunSmart app can also help you with knowing when to safely expose to UV which is the best source of essential Vitamin D. Being able to reduce risk of skin cancer and maintain your healthy vitamin D levels for optimal health is important. Having normal Vitamin D levels is important for general health including healthy bones, immune system, cardiovascular health, mental health and skin health.

As we navigate safely through this challenging Covid lockdown it is important to stay cheerful and enjoy our time outdoors protected.

Enjoy the Spring, keep safe and protected.

SunSmart app found here:

Skin application for sun protection promoted by The Bowral Skin Cancer & Cosmetic Clinic


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